Raquetas de nieve

Snow raquets are a method of walking over snow covered ground and are as ancient as the first populations of these territories. Bascially they are an arch shaped hoop with a frame into which you place your foot to give a central support. The shape of the racket allows you to cover a large area of ground surface so that you don’t sink in the snow. The rackets were originally made of wood but these days they have been replaced by a synthetic material that is more lightweight and waterproof.

The design of the racket means you walk with your legs slightly apart, it is relatively easy to walk with them and only requires a few words of instruction to get you going and to avoid stumbles and obstacles as well as helping you to avoid any unnecessary muscle aches afterwards. Walking with snow rackets means you can go along flat mountain routes in the winter which would not be feasible to transit at any other time of the year, thus giving you privileged mountain views. The ski school provides qualified instructors that not only teach you how to use the rackets but will guide you along the more splendid snow covered routes that are easy to follow.

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Check your ski level


This is beginner level, this is your level if you have never skied before or if you have not yet achieved the snow plough (the basic way to stop and turn).


You will be at a B level if you can stop and turn by using the snow plough movement on a beginner slope. You will be able to ski down the mountain with some control.


You will have reached the C level if you can turn and stop with your skis parallel on the slopes considered easy to intermediate (blue and green). You will feel confident skiing down hill.


The skier at D level has a good control of turns in the parallel position and would be progressing onto tighter and shorter turns, using the edge of the ski with ease as well as being able to change ski rhythm when necessary.


The highest ski level is E, this skier is able to ski with ease and confidence on steep slopes including black runs and in snow conditions of all types including moguls. The E level skier can drive his turns with control and change rhythm and adapt to terrain accordingly.

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