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Being able to ski gives you the chance to share a sport with friends and family as well as getting to know new people, particularly those who may be in a similar position as yourself. The benefits of intergration and achievement are many.
Just to feel a part of the skiing world, being able to ski and then apreski with others will boost your self esteem and power your willingness to achieve all other goals in daily life.

It doesn’t matter what kind of disability you may have, the equipment is adaptable to every situation and condition, you really can enjoy skiing!
Mono-Ski and Dual-Ski: The skier sits in an molded seat attached to skis, you can ski with assistance or independently with a pair of stabilizers like ski poles used for balance and turning.

Bi-Ski: Like the mono-ski the skier sits inside a fibreglass molded seat somewhat wider for those that have limited strength in the upper body, this seat gives a higher sensation of balance.

3-Prints: consists of a normal ski and a pair of long stabilizers giving 3 points of support in the snow.
4-Prints: consists of 2 skis and a pair of long stabilizers giving 4 points of support.

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Check your ski level


This is beginner level, this is your level if you have never skied before or if you have not yet achieved the snow plough (the basic way to stop and turn).


You will be at a B level if you can stop and turn by using the snow plough movement on a beginner slope. You will be able to ski down the mountain with some control.


You will have reached the C level if you can turn and stop with your skis parallel on the slopes considered easy to intermediate (blue and green). You will feel confident skiing down hill.


The skier at D level has a good control of turns in the parallel position and would be progressing onto tighter and shorter turns, using the edge of the ski with ease as well as being able to change ski rhythm when necessary.


The highest ski level is E, this skier is able to ski with ease and confidence on steep slopes including black runs and in snow conditions of all types including moguls. The E level skier can drive his turns with control and change rhythm and adapt to terrain accordingly.

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