A school with a histroy dating

back to 1964

The Spanish Ski School began in Sierra Nevada in 1964 as a teaching centre. The school collaborates with the resort aiding its development at all levels. Teaching is not limited to pupils, the school also trains ski instructors to a professional level. The Spanish Ski School i s the most veteran of the ski schools on the mountain, showing its validity and worth over the years by being able to adapt to the many changes made in the resort and in the ski world.

Today we remain true to our adaptability by increasing and developing our team of ski instructors in order to meet the many inividual demands of our customers and the ski school market. From the very beginning, every member of the ski instructor team has been trained to a professional level through the offical examing board process (F.E.D.I, R.E.F.E.D.I, I.S.I.A. – the offically recognised centres of technical sports training), thereby equipping the instructors to be able to teach every kind of ski style and in many different languages.

Our team

Jaime Diaz


Juan Antonio López




Pilar Luengo


Pepe Martínez


Manolo Lara


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